Crystal's Goal List

Here is my unique goal list for 2011/2012. Let me know what you think... 
Begin Date: 9/1/2011 
End Date: 12/31/2012 

Repair by sewing machine and make hammocks for the kittens 
Take  at least 20 photos of my family over the next three months and post on  Facebook to share UPDATE: I have taken about five so far 9/17/11 
Develop at least half of those photos and place in frames 
Send out cards regularly for a year (beginning today) Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, etc.(Update: Need to step this one up) 
Get back into ceramics (need to find a local shop)  
Make a planter for my kitchen window and grow herbs 
Learn how to grow a plant without killing it. :D  
Plant a vegetable garden (small)  
Plant an herb garden   
Learn one new song for the piano each month  (Updated: 10/10/11: Flora's Secret by Enya) 
Start reading the Fly Lady blog and implementing her ideas into my daily routine 
Retrain  Van Gogh how to use the litter box.-I am leaving this under creative  since I have to get “creative” to do this one. :D UPDATE: 9/17/11-Going  to take the plunge and buy CitiKitty Toilet Seat Trainer. I will keep  you all posted on how this goes LOL! 
Keep interior of car clean for one month. :D This one is going to be hard guys…(Updated 10/2/2011: Done and clean!) 
Start reading new things-DONE-9/1/2011-Charmed Comic Book Series (Never liked comics before); 12/19/11 (Finished The Help-Loved it!) 

Buy a grill 
Learn to juice and make interesting recipes DONE: 9/9/2011 (Made Apple, Carrot, Lemon and Wheatgrass Juice.Was very yummy!) 
Take a cooking class 
Buy fresh produce at Farmer’s Market for one month (weekly) 
Cook only using coconut oil for one week 
Buy fondue set 
Make cheese or chocolate fondue-DONE (Made Chocolate Fondue with Peanut Butter 12/18/11)   
Find 3 beers I like and can order when we go out (1. Michelob Ultra Peach) 
Find  3 wines I like and can order when we go out (1. Reisling  Moscato-Barefoot 2. Chocolate Wine-Holy Cow...Chocolate milk and wine  mixed) 
Try 1 new mixed drink (Done: 9/10/11: Tropical Storm and Pain Killer at Bahama Breeze) 
Try a new type of fish  
Make one “healthy” dessert each month and share on blog (1. Low Sugar Slow Cooked Cherry Cobbler) 

Have guests over for game night! (Done: 9/10/11-Wine, Beer, Chex Mix, Cobbler and Taboo-it was fun!) 
Start/join a book club 
Pick apples from an orchard 
Go on a cruise-anywhere :D 
Go on a spa tour in California, Arizona, and Nevada for two weeks 
Buy Apples to Apples and play with a new group of friends 
Go to a wine tasting  
Go to a winery  
Attend an Oktoberfest celebration 
Get a passport 
Travel outside of the US 
Stay in a bed and breakfast 
Attend four plays or musicals this year (First one is Memphis the Musical in October! Bought tickets today...Update: Memphis the Musical 10/16/11  WONDERFUL!) 
Go to MA and CT for at least a week-vacation and visit old & spooky sites 
Walk through a corn maze (Done: 10/8/11 with friends Amanda and Ben. Interesting. Glad I can say I did it) 

Finish my Invisalign Braces this year and see straight teeth :D 
Start wearing contact lenses again-(Kelly I am stealing one of yours hon)  
Play with my cats for 30 minutes each day for exercise and fun! 
Lose 100 lbs (yes folks, that and more needs to come off) 
Walk in a marathon/charity race 
Be in a size 10 by 12/31/12 
Exercise at least 4 times a week for one hour 
Drink more water-at least 8 glasses per day 
Meditate Daily 
Find a place to practice Tai Chi 
Get a new haircut/style-DONE! (November 2011-Got my hair chopped off!) 
Keep nails manicured/painted for one month (Update: Started 10/16/11) 

Learn more about Affiliate Marketing 
Learn HTML and how to dominate SEO 
Finish classes so I can sit for the CPA exam-(Update: 12/19/11-Only 3 more classes to go!) 
Take and pass the CPA exam 
Buy a  house in Bartlett 
Sell one of our rental houses 
Replace roof on our duplex 
Attend leadership seminar 
Become certified in QuickBooks-the new version

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