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Organic News: Why Choose Organic?

I will have to admit that I do not eat organic all the time. I have grown up on conventionally farmed foods for years. In my late teens and early twenties it was all about cost. Buying organic simply was too much to handle at the checkout. Why would I want to pay 50 cents to a dollar more per pound for the "same apple"? 
Of course, the more I have researched the more I have learned it is not the same apple at all. 
Through the power of Netflix I have been watching numerous food documentaries that spotlight many scary details. From genetic modification to pesticide reactions I have seen too much to feel safe with how our government is basically killing us. I am sick of being sick and overweight. So I decided to drop meat like a bad habit, eat as many organic fruits and veggies as possible and help my body heal itself. No more FDA approved foods or drugs. Yes folks the FDA. You know, the people who are paid to inspect our foods for our safety. How many food recalls did we have in the last three years? No more doctors visits. Tired of doctors throwing pills at me to alleviate a symptom. I need to find the root cause and cure the problem. Cure, that is a great word. Not to treat but to cure. Just me and my body in complete harmony and health. 
Links to further your understanding of organic foods and living:
Organic Consumers
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Sustainable Food News

New to the world of organics and do not know where to start shopping? Here are a few links to stores that can help:
Whole Foods
The Fresh Market 
Trader Joe's 
*Note: Many of your local stores will have a small organic produce section. Just take a look around.   

Of course I would recommend supporting local Farmer's Markets in your area as well. 

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