Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Topiary

I love making each day "special" in its own way. The month of October, my favorite month of the year, has great meaning for me. Fall is officially here and making its presence known by giving us cooler weather and beautiful foliage.You see pumpkins in the stores and on the farms for sale. I feel "crafty" this time of year so I try to stay clear of Hobby Lobby (I spend way too much money there!) :D
One of my little quirks is keeping up with the special days in each  month. For example, today, Oct 6, is the day that Thomas Edison showed the first motion picture.
The month of October is also National Apple Month, National Dessert Month, and National Pizza Month. YUMMO to all!
Of course, let's not forget Halloween at the end of the month. I loved Halloween growing up. I had parties, wore crazy costumes (even sewed a few of my own costumes as a teen-told you I was crafty this time of year!)
Here is a pic from a few years ago when I worked at J State: :D I had spray in my hair, but at the rate of grey growing now a days, I might look like that sooner rather than later. :D

 There are also week long observances. This week we are in the middle of American Craft Week. So here is a craft made just for my Fall obsession.
Pumpkin Topiary

3 artificial pumpkins and color and arranging in size
1 wooden dowel (about 1/2" thick)
Self sticking sequins
Paint (if needed to change color of pumpkins)
Paint brushes (various sizes)
1 silver paint pen
Spanish Moss-any color
A cake plate or crystal bowl
Small handsaw or knife (to remove stems from pumpkins)

Quick Directions:
1. Cut off stems from the larger two pumpkins
2. On the large pumpkin, I painted a spider web with the silver paint pen.
3. I attached sequin spiders on top of the painted spiderweb (after it dried of course)
4. On the second pumpkin, using my silver paint pen, I drew a basic harlequin design then painted in using silver paint. Let dry.
5. Filled the bowl or cake plate will moss.
6. Sit the large pumpkin on bottom
7. Using wooden dowel, insert into large pumpkin the "skewer" all the way through (sometimes it is easier to start a hole in the pumpkin using a small knife or scissors.
8. Firmly place the second pumpkin on dowel and push all the way down, repeat for third and final pumpkin
9. Place moss around the attached pumpkins as shown.

ISIS is checking it out, not sure if she approves yet or not. :D


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