Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paula Deen Buffet Review

I love me some Paula Deen Ya'll! For me she is fun to watch and reminds me of great times in the kitchen. I don't currently have The Food Network on cable so I can not watch her shows (which makes me sad) but I do catch her online from time to time if I need my Paula fix. I watch her more often during this time of year because I get bit by the cooking bug.
I have never been to any of her restaurants but heard they were pretty good. (Depending on what you ordered). My Aunt visited us recently and we took her to Tunica, MS, for a day to visit, play poker and eat at Paula Deen's Buffet. I decided to write a review of what I found.
Before we left on our mini roadtrip, I read several reviews, some good and some not so good about this buffet. My stance on buffets is this: You eat way too much, it is usually overpriced and the food is not as good.
I must say when I first walked up to the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised since they had already decorated for Christmas. It put me in a kid-like mood and I wanted to decorate a Christmas tree. :D

So many items to buy in the gift shop. I did end up purchasing a magnet. I collect magnets from all the places I visit simply because they are small, easy to carry and usually inexpensive. This particular magnet also featured a recipe from Paula for Gingerbread Cookies. Yum!
After the nice hostess seated us, we put in our drink order (sweet tea with a sprig of fresh mint-very classy) and it was off to the buffet.
So much food to choose from: Salad bar, seafood bar, home cookin' (ham, potatoes, veggies, cornbread, etc.), BBQ and meat station and of course a dessert station. There was no way I could try everything but I did get a nice sample.
I started with a small salad then headed over to the shrimp.  The shrimp was very tasty as were the onion rings and okra.
The next plate included baked ham, mashed potatoes with a mushroom cheese sauce (don't even get me started on how good this was), and green beans. All very tasty. One thing I did notice is how all of the food was seasoned very well. Most buffets do not salt or season food a lot due to the variety of clientele (many people can not have salt, etc.) but not Paula! She allows true seasoning of food. I guess if you are going to any restaurant featuring Paula's food you are taking your life into your own hands in regards to calories and salt consumption. :D

After this I had to roll myself to the dessert section and I chose a apple cake and another type of "gooey" cake that Paula is famous for. Both will knock you out with sugar content but they were both very tasty.

In all I give my visit an A on the score card or 4.5 out of 5. The atmosphere was pleasant  but buffets are buffets. You eat too much and have to roll yourself out of the door. :D This is why I don't eat at buffets often. You feel so full and bad at the end of the meal. Of course, I could simply not eat three plates of food, right? LOL!


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