Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Fun...Early

In the West TN area we have had a long and hot Summer. It is not over either. Next week (AKA: The first day of Fall) it is going to be a scorching 98 degrees. Ugh....

That being said, I am going on the offensive and making my favorite time of year come NOW. :) I am starting my craft work for my Fall wreaths. I decided to go on my friend's idea and make a candy corn wreath. I am also going to create a fun fall foliage wreath for my living room. I might do a couple of other decorations using wheat and ribbon.

Tomorrow I am also going to make a fall soup using sweet potatoes and squash puree. Yummy! Like I said, I am tired of the Summer...come on Fall!

I will post pictures when everything is finished!



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