Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apple Dumplings

Happy Apple Dumpling Day! I have never made these before, nor have I yet. :D I am out of town this weekend but it doesnt mean I can not find a trusted recipe and repost it for you all, right? Celebrate the day with someone you love and eat an apple dumpling for me! :D

I have not tried this recipe but I will soon. This recipe is taken directly from Ree (The Pioneer Woman) so she gets 100% credit. Or should I say her Mom gets the credit? According to her blog, I think this one is from her Mom's collection. Now, what threw me is the use of Mountain Dew in this baby. I LOVE MD but in baked goods? I am willing to try if you are! :D Thanks ladies and I hope everyone has a great Apple Dumpling Day!!
Apple Dumpling Recipe


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