Thursday, September 8, 2011

Words of Thought

This is simply a random post since I do not have a recipe to share today. Yesterday was a bit hectic for me because my computer decides to get "sick" and contract a nasty virus. Basically I watch as my software and files are permanently deleted from their happy homes on my computer. (Picture the classic movie scene where the actor, while in slow motion, yells out the word NOOOOOO) Yes that was me at 12:00 yesterday afternoon. Luckily, I don't trust any antivirus software and still back up all files to an online server.

Keep this story in mind as I tell you about my computer dying  in May. My desktop computer decides it wants to participate in the power-surge parade. Apparently the parade was awesome because a couple of days later, my desktop simply dies on me. Will not boot up at all. Unfortunately, at this time, I felt I was invincible and did not back up documents regularly. So I pretty much lost everyone on that computer. Oh and did I mention I just got through paying that computer off? Now I can not even use it. Ugh. LOL

So tips of the day are:
1. Get a good surge protector for all of your electronics. It will save you headache and loads of money,
2. Back up all files regularly. I use Dropbox. It is free and seems to work great.
3. Get the BEST antivirus software (mine was out of date so it was technically my fault)
4. Don't use the same passwords for all of your log ins. People are smart and they can hack into your accounts easily this way.

Okay, time for class...
Crystal :D


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