Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 20 Cookbooks

Happy Friday All!!! I have to share with all of you my love affair I have with cookbooks. I LOVE THEM. Though you can get almost any and all recipes online for free, there is something about a collection of recipes in a book. Especially one that has been used frequently in the kitchen. I know a cookbook rocks when it is stained and covered in food splatters. That means the owner uses this book often so the recipes must be good! (It also means the owner of the book needs to use lids on saucepans. :D ) I have a couple of these books in my kitchen. I have been collecting cookbooks since I was a teen. I used to grab those small cookbooks while standing in the grocery store line. Ahhhh memories.
I have started writing my own cookbook as well but it will not be available for a while. I am having fun and taking my time with it.
Here is my list and I hope you all enjoy. You can easily purchase any of these books using  my online store.


1.Bob Warden's Slow Food Fast-This book is for the digital pressure cooker kitchen. All recipes in this book are strictly for the pressure cookers of America. :D Good recipes and I like how Bob features cooking times for rice, pasta, meats, etc. at the beginning of each chapter.

2. Gooseberry Patch-I have to warn you that I am a huge Gooseberry Patch fan. I get tinglees in my toes when I see a new cookbook from these fab ladies. The recipes are fun and yummy comfort food. These books make me want to throw on my apron and stay in the kitchen all day baking. :D

3. Paula Deen Cookbooks-Either you love her or hate her. I am on the side of love. She reminds me of my Mom folks...they could be sisters! Except for the cooking part LOL Paula always makes me smile and puts me in a good mood. Her obsession with butter is out of this world! I too like butter so we are kindred spirits. HA!

4. Slow Cooker Cookbooks-I have a ton of these babies in the kitchen. I use my slow cooker frequently. There is no better friend in the kitchen.

5. Dessert Cookbooks-My biggest weakness. Sweets. Love them! Enough said....

6. Entertaining and Parties-I want to do more entertaining this next year. I love having people over to my home and preparing fabulous food. The more "yummy" noises people create the better my night. :D


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